Staff trade union

The primary staff trade union organization of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics is a voluntary non-profit public organization, the aim of which is to represent and protect the employment, social and economic rights and interests of the members of the Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The members of the Union have the right on:

  1. The implementation of the representation and protection by the Trade Union of their employment, social and economic rights and interests, including in the courts.
  2. Law protection, free law and other assistance for social, economic and labor relations.
  3. The appeal to all trade union bodies, and getting the reasoned answers.
  4. The participation in union meetings, conferences, promotions and other events organized by the trade union.
  5. The free discussion of the issues addressed at meetings, meetings of elected trade union officials at various levels, in the media, the expression of their point of view, the introduction of proposals for resolutions and decisions of trade union bodies, participation in the drafting of policy documents of the union.
  6. Receiving information about the work of trade union officials and their decisions, participation in trade union bodies on matters relating to them personally.
  7. The election and being elected to trade union bodies at all levels, except in cases provided by the Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees of Activity" and the present Statute.
  8. Receiving concessional vouchers for spa treatment and rest; getting cash assistance from the trade union budget for rehabilitation, visiting the sick, the payments on the occasion of professional holidays or birthdays, monetary rewards for union work, the reimbursement of funds spent on the purchase of medicines, attorneys services; using cultural and sporting institutions of the Union together with the family members.
  9. Assisting in retraining and job placement for unemployed.
  10. The participation in the preparation, conclusion of a collective agreement (contract), and control over its implementation.