Nikolai Yevstratov

Candidate of Sciences (Technology), Associate Professor of the Department of Media Systems and Technologies (MST).
Nikolai Yevstratov

+38 (057) 702-13-78

Born: December 16, 1947


Pokerwork, carving, painting, travelling by car, biking, fishing and hunting.


1996 – Rector’s Assistant at KhNURE, Associate Professor of the Department of MST, KhNURE;

1971-1973 – a post-graduate student at the Department of Machine Reliability and Resistance of Materials, Cand. Sc. (Technology), majoring in ”Machine Dynamics, Durability and Reliability”;

1971 – KhNTUA, a mechanic engineer.

Educational Activities

He prepared lecture courses in Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics and Applied Mechanics for all specialities at KhNURE.

Scientific Work

His research interests include estimation methods of machines and mechanisms reliability and durability; robotics; biomedical engineering.

Publications and patents

He published 3 articles (N.D. Yevstratov, A.I. Byh, A.A. Pashchenko "Opportunity Analysis of Existing Software Tools for Virtual Planning of Surgical Interventions on the Human Inner Ear"// Scientific journal "Engineering Electrodynamics." Thematic Issue "Power Electronics and Power Efficiency", 2011, P.309-312), 3 teaching aids for the course "Applied Mechanics", a teaching aid for the term project in "Applied Mechanics" for students of all majors at KhNURE, a course in "Mechanics" in 4 parts.