Faculty of Computer Science

The main objective of the department is to train Bachelor, Master and Ph.D students at the internationally recognized level on areas:

  • 121 – Software Engineering,
  • 122 – Computer Science,
  • 126 – Information Systems and Technologies,
  • 186 – Publishing and Printing Business.

The faculty conducts research in the fields of:

  • Methodologies, Techniques and Development Tools of Integrated Web-based Information Systems;
  • Modeling and Optimization of Business Processes Management;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Databases;
  • Intellectual Data Processing, Including Biomedical Data;
  • Decision Making Theory;
  • Modeling and Optimization of Complex Socio-Economic and Technical Systems;
  • Mathematical Models and Methods for Structural-Topological Synthesis of Territorially Distributed Objects;
  • Mathematical Modeling and Solving Problems of Combinatorial Optimization in Geometric Design.

We support international cooperation and exchange of students with leading universities of the world (from the Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland).

We cooperate with IT companies.

Andriy Yerokhin


Andriy Yerokhin

Dean of Faculty of Computer Science, Deputy Chairman of the Admission Committee, Deputy Head of EMC, Member of the Coordination Council of the NURE Alumni Association, Member of the specialized scientific council, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Head of Educational and scientific laboratory IHSS


Main building, 2nd floor,

Room: 261-263

+38 (057) 702-13-50