Post-graduate studies department

The postgraduate and doctoral studies department trains applicants for higher education at the third (educational-scientific) and scientific levels of higher education in order to obtain the degree of higher education of Ph.D and doctor of sciences respectively. Training is conducted at 26 departments, in 14 scientific specialties.

Annually more than 250 post-graduate students of Ukraine, 20-30 graduate students from distant foreign countries (USA, Finland, China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, India, etc.) study at the University’s postgraduate program, about 15 doctoral students.

The post-graduate students are trained by 73 Doctors of Sciences, professors; 20 Ph.D, professors; 57 candidates of science, associate professors.

At the moment 7 specialized scientific councils for the protection of dissertations work at the university, 6 of them are doctoral, and 1 is Ph.D.

Annually aspirants and employees of the University defend from 30 to 50 dissertations for a Ph.D. degree and 10 doctoral dissertations. More than 50% of graduates of the graduate school annually join the ranks of scientific and scientific and pedagogical staff of the university.

Recently, the University annually sends to the internship our best graduate students and young scientists in universities in Germany, France, Finland, Australia, England, China and other countries.

Postgraduate education according to the current legislation in Ukraine for obtaining a Ph.D. degree (PhD) – up to 4 years, for obtaining a doctorate degree – up to 2 years.


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Volodymyr Manakov


Volodymyr Manakov

Head of the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, Member of Academic Council, Member of STC, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor


Main building, 3rd floor
Room: 370

+38 (057) 702-14-71