Department of Information Control System (ICS)

The ICS Department trains Bachelors by major 126 – Information systems and technologies by educational programs:

  • Information systems and technologies.
  • Information systems in medicine.

The faculty prepares bachelors of the specialty 122 – computer science according to the educational program:

  • Information technology management.

The department prepares masters specialty 122 – computer science in educational programs:

  • Information control systems and technologies.
  • Project management in the field of information technology.

Research directions of the Department:

  • methodologies, techniques and development tools of integrated Web-based information systems;
  • modeling and optimization of business processes management;
  • forecasting methods of stochastic time series; evaluating the effectiveness of forecasting and control methods based on neural networks and genetic algorithms;
  • design technology, administration, monitoring and management of corporate networks;
  • study of methods for transforming and transmitting information in ICS;
  • information technologies and systems in medicine.

The ICS Department is actively involved in the international exchange programs.

Konstantin Petrov


Konstantin Petrov

Head of Information Control System Department, Professor of Department of Artificial Intelligence, Member of the specialized scientific council, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor