Advanced Training

The procedure for advanced training of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical staff at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics is regulated by the relevant Regulations (approved by the Order of NURE dated 01.02.2022 No. 30). The Regulations were developed in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Higher Education”, “On Professional Higher Education”, the professional standard for the group of professions “Teachers of Higher Education Institutions” (Order of the Ministry of Economy No. 610 of 23.03.2021), the Procedure for Professional Development of Pedagogical and Scientific and Pedagogical Workers (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 800 of 21.08. 2019, as amended by CMU Resolution No. 1133 of 27.12.2019), Methodological recommendations for the professional development of scientific and pedagogical staff (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1504 of 04.12.2020) and determines the procedure for advanced training of pedagogical and scientific and pedagogical staff at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

The purpose of advanced training is the professional development of employees in accordance with state policy in the field of education and quality assurance.

The professional development of employees should take into account the relevant professional standard, specific job responsibilities and/or prospects for their expansion, personal professional interests of employees, experience gained, and the level of performance of professional (job) duties.

Pursuant to clause 2.11 of the Regulations, upon successful completion of training programs (internships), employees receive a Certificate of Advanced Training. The list of issued documents on advanced training is published on the NURE website within 15 calendar days after their issuance.