Student Ticket

Student Ticket

A student ticket of the state sample contains:

1) personal information about the student, which must be reproduced on the card:

surname, name, patronymic (if any);

digital photo of the student;

series and number of the student ticket;

individual barcode of the student ticket;

date of issue and validity of the student ticket;

2) information about the educational institution must be reproduced in the ticket:

signature of the head of the educational institution (photocopies). full name of the educational institution, name of the faculty (department), structural unit, form of study, name of the group;

position, surname and initials of the head of the educational institution;

This document confirms the identity of the owner and provides a discount for travel in the state public transport in Ukraine.

The University recommends that students check the data on the validity of their student ticket at:

 A student ticket for applicants enrolled in a higher education institution to study at the first (bachelor) higher education level or the second (master’s) higher education level is made at the expense of the university.

In case of loss of the student ticket, the student has the right to apply to the dean of the faculty at which he / she is studying, with an application for making a new student ticket. The ticket is renewed at the student’s expense.


  1. Write a statement addressed to the rector of a higher education institution stating the reason for the loss or damage of the student ticket.
  2. Pay for manufacturing of a new student ticket.

Student tickets are not made at the university. This process can sometimes be lengthy for reasons beyond the institution of higher education.

We wish you not to lose student tickets!