Department of Information and Network Engineering (INE)

  • Prepares: bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy (PhD);
  • specialty 172 Telecommunications and radio engineering;
  • specialization (educational program):
  • bachelor: “Information and network engineering”, “telecommunications”;
  • master: “Information and network engineering”, “Information communication networks”, “mobile Network”;
  • forms of education: day and extramural with the use of technology distance learning and external studies;
  • duration of training: bachelor – 4 years, masters is 1,4 or 1,9 years;
  • the training is conducted in Ukrainian, English, Russian languages.

Specialist training programs are focused on the study of distributed information, computing resources and software, integrated into a single network structure, fulfilling the functions of collecting, processing, analyzing, protecting and transmitting information with guaranteed quality of service delivery to users and jointly forming a global information infrastructure. Educational disciplines are aimed at learning some programming languages ​​- Bash; PowerShell; Python; Assember; Java; C ++, C; C #; PHP; JavaScript; Objective-C; PL / SQL; Transact-SQL; Prologue; VHDL; Swift; XML; UML; as well as technologies: Ethernet; TCP / IP; VoIP; IPTV; STV, xDSL; PDH; SDH; MPLS; MON; WDM; 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G; GSM, LTE; WiFi; IoT; Android; JavaScript MVC; Data binding; AngularJS; HTML5; CSS3; SASS; HTML5 Javascript API; Data Mining.

Over the past few years, three quarters of the equipment of the department have been updated, in particular, 2 new training laboratories have been opened, the technical equipment of which was provided by well-known telecommunication companies – Ericsson, lifecell and Maxnet.

Now our students are studying on professional equipment, which forms as separate educational complexes that meet real networks of fixed and mobile communications and modern infocommunication technologies.

The staff of the department consists of 30 highly qualified specialists, including 4 doctors of technical sciences, 1 doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, 14 candidates of technical sciences.

International cooperation in education and science.

The staff of the department actively participates in various international conferences on the scientific direction of the department. Our teachers collaborate with foreign colleagues, scientists. One of the results of such cooperation is joint publications in the foreign scientific press and joint research projects. Our teachers conduct lecture courses at the University of the Czech Republic, Vietnam, China, in particular, in 2018, a scientific project was launched with the People’s Republic of China.

Scientific work

The scientific direction of the department – Infocommunication technologies and networks, includes several promising areas in which our teachers work:

  • Improving the efficiency, noise immunity and security of information and communication networks.
  • Methods and means of intellectual information processing in information and communication networks.
  • Technologies of mobile and stationary networks of information transmission.
  • Information distribution and management technologies in infocommunication networks.
  • Modeling and multicriteria optimization of information and communication networks.

An integral component of quality training is the involvement of students in research work under the guidance of teachers in the framework of thematic scientific sections and business incubators. Also, teachers of the department, along with students, actively participate in various scientific events, such as scientific conferences, competitions in their specialties, open lectures, seminars, internships from leading IT companies in the field of telecommunications.

Students take an active part in youth conferences held by various universities, in particular, in the international youth forum “Electronics and Youth in the 21st Century” (KNURE, Kharkov), the international scientific and technical conference of students and graduate students “Prospects for the development of information and telecommunication technologies and systems ”(NTU “KPI”, Kiev), the international scientific-practical conference“ Infocommunications – the present and the future ”(ONAC, Odessa).

For students

In recent years, finds the practice of combining student learning at the undergraduate and work. Currently the leading firms in the field of telecommunications and mobile communications (in particular lifeсell, Ukrtelecom, EPAM, Vodafone) offer advanced forms of selection of employees among our graduates. First, our students are selected by competition for internships in these companies, and after the internships, they select the best among them who receive employment in the corresponding positions with payment of wages along with training at the KNURE according to the agreed schedule. The best graduates of such internships and competitions also receive valuable prizes.

         Our graduates have the opportunity to receive a double diploma from our university and other foreign universities, in particular, the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), technical universities of Wildau (Germany) and Lille (France).  The department takes part in the international program “Erasmus +”, according to which every year our best masters are sent to study at the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic).

         Graduates work as telecommunication engineers in companies and organizations providing telephone, mobile communications, IP-telephony and Internet services (Ukrtelecom, U’tel, Welton. Telecom, Kyivstar, Vodafone, lifecell, Triolan, Maxnet, Internet providers); system administrators who provide the work of local and corporate information networks; database administrators of banking institutions, manufacturing and trading companies, government bodies and law enforcement agencies; designers in companies for the planning and development of information communication networks for various purposes; infocommunication specialists in e-commerce companies.

Valeriy Bezruk


Valeriy Bezruk

Head of the Department INE, Scientific Secretary of the Specialized Academic Council, Member of EMC, Member of STC, Doctor of Engineering, Professor


Room. 401-404

+38(057) 702-14-29