Center for Postgraduate Education

Basic activity of the center is to provide such educational services:

– The 2nd Higher Education (2 years) – Bachelor’s degree, specialties:

  • Software Engineering;
  • Computer Science and Information Technologies (Artificial Intelligence Systems);
  • Cyber Security  (Security of Information and Communication Systems), etc.

– Distant Master Degree (1,5 or 2 years), specialties:

  • Software Engineering;
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems;
  • Printed Publications Technology,
  • Security of Information and Communication Systems;
  • Telecommunication Systems and Networks.

– Professional Development on basic majors.

In average 450-550 students are annually enrolled at the Center. More than 20000 specialists have been trained here for the lifetime of the Center. The training and retraining of specialists on basic majors are conducted in accordance with the curriculum.

The training is conducted in modern computer labs. Students are provided with a powerful computer having all the necessary software and a comfortable workplace in a cosy classroom. Lectures and workshops are held by highly skilled educators whose professional competence is confirmed by numerous international certificates.

The Center organizes instruction courses. The courses are intended for the professional development of people who has got basic and higher education.

Natalia Kozel

Head of Center of Postgraduate Education

Natalia Kozel

Director of the Center of Postgraduate Education (CPE), Senior Lecturer of the Department of Software engineering (part-time)


Room 283, 283 А