EU ic AI policy

Call: Erasmus Jean Monnet Modules.

Title: European approach in charge of ethical, legal and socio-economic artificial intelligence policy.

Project #101047552.

Acronym: EU ic AI policy.

Period: 1.01.2022 – 31.12.2024



Oleksii Turuta, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Software Engineering


Irina Kolupaieva, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of the Economic Cybernetics and Economic Security Management Department.

Olena Turuta, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy Department

Viktoriia Tsokota, Researcher, PhD  in Psychological sciences.

The general objective of the project is to research and disseminate a European approach to excellence in AI: sharing an appropriate ethical and legal framework of studying for future developers and users, encouraging experience of technological developments implementation in the public and private sectors and preparing for socio-economic changes caused by artificial intelligence.



  1. Delivers multidisciplinary courses on specific EU issues in the AI area. 
  2. Realise and promote research of European practice and regulation related to AI development and use.
  3. Fosters dissemination of the EU research results and recommendations for harmonisation of AI legislation in Partner Countries. 



  1. Human-centric AI in EU: legal, cyberpsychology and ethics framework.
  2. AI made in Europe: regulatory policy and economy for people.
  3. Europe’s digital future: robotics and artificial intelligence.


Acknowledgement: Members of COST Action 18231 in cooperation with a proposal preparing. Maryna Yevdokymenko for consultation about specific Jean Monnet: Modules.

EU ic AI policy