Volodymyr Mashtalir

Volodymyr Mashtalir
Professor of Department Informatics, Member of the specialized scientific council, Member of STC, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
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Education and Career

1979 – graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics (KhIRE), majoring in Applied Mathematics, 1984 – Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD), specialty 05.03.01 – Technical Cybernetics and Information Theory (KhIRE), 2002 – Doctor of Technical Sciences, specialty 05.13.23 – Systems and Tools of Artificial Intelligence, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE).

1988 – academic rank of senior research fellow in the specialty Control in Technical Systems,

2004 – academic title of Associate Professor of Informatics Department.

2005 – the academic title of Professor of the Informatics Department (KhNURE).

1979 – 1985 – engineer, junior researcher, graduate student, senior researcher of the computer application department (CA, since 1999 Informatics Department),

1985 – assistant of CA Department,

1986 – assistant professor of CA Department,

1992 – leading researcher of the CA Department,

2003 – chief researcher of the Informatics Department,

2003 – Professor of the Informatics Department, Dean of the Computer Science Faculty,

2014 – Acting Rector of KhNURE,

2016 – Professor of Informatics Department.

Educational activity

Teaches courses: “Classification and Clustering”, “Fundamentals of Scientific Research”, “Computer Vision”.nd specialist’s projects. She has been delivering the following courses: intellectual property, systems modeling, introduction to software engineering.

Research activities

He took part as a responsible executive or head of state budget R&D projects: ” Complex signals (images) processing in information systems”, “Development and research of theoretical and applied aspects of the synthesis and processing of radiographic images in radiation-introscopy analysis systems”, “Methods of processing and technology of recognition of different physical nature images”, “Development of theoretical foundations and mathematical tools for adaptive, neuro- and fuzzy- controlling systems subject to parametrically optimized constraints”, “Development of models and methods of information factorization in multivaluedness conditions”,” Research and development of image analysis methods in complex transforms conditions”, “Intellectual analysis and processing of real-time data based on computational intelligence”, “Conceptual approaches and models of image recognition in the conditions of regular and random perturbations for real-time systems”, “Research and development of methods for image analysis under conditions of complex transformations”, “Intellectual analysis and processing of real-time data based on computational intelligence”, “Models and methods of granulation and interpretation of multidimensional data”, “Neuro-phase systems for sequences current clusterization and classification given them in the absence of their distortion and abnormal observations”, “Development of hybrid systems and methods of computational intelligence for the processing of fuzzy information streams under nonstationarity and uncertainty”.

Since 2004 (at different times) a member or chairman of specialized scientific councils (D 64.052.01, D 64.052.08 – KNURE, D 64.051.29 – Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin, K 41.052.08 – Odessa National Polytechnic University).

Research interests: image and video processing and recognition.

International activities / participation in international projects

He took part in a number of international conferences in Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, etc.

In 2008 – 2013, more than 10 projects were completed within the framework of the Development Contract (‘AGREEMENT’) dated September, 1, 2008 between Loewe Opta GmbH (Kronach, Germany) and Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

Publications and patents

PHas over 130 publications, including 5 monographs, 3 inventor’s certificate