Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering Department (PFEE)

The Department of Physical Fundamentals of Electronic Technology prepares:

  • bachelors for educational programs “Engineering of optoinformation and laser systems” and “Optoelectronics”;
  • masters in Educational Programs: “Laser and Optoelectronic Technology” and “Photonics and Optoelectronics”.

Specialty – 152 “Metrology and information-measuring technique”.

Educational programs cover the flagship areas of modern engineering:

Optoinformatics: optical and quantum computers, quantum cryptography, telecommunication and measurement systems, security systems and image recognition technology, machine vision technology; programming of laser and photon technology.

Laser systems and technologies: the design and use of lasers and complex laser systems in nanotechnologies, IT, medicine, industry, science, military affairs and space science.

Photon-Crystal Engineering: Technologies for the production of waveguide and resonator photonic crystalline structures as the basis of the elemental base of optical computers; the latest fiber-optic transmission lines.

Microwave technologies: systems of the terahertz range for the construction of the latest generation of 5G communication systems; Dual-purpose protected dual-purpose systems.

Optoelectronics and Optoelectronics: optical and electronic systems for processing, storage and transmission of information; night vision system, optical location; holography.

Yuri Machekhin


Yuri Machekhin

Head of Department of Photonic and laser engineering, Member of Academic Council, Member of STC, Member of Specialized Scientific Council, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


room 324-328

tel. 702 14 84