Occupational Safety Department

Main functions

Teaching compulsory subjects “Life safety”, “Basics of occupational safety and civil defence”.

Consulting on the section “Occupational safety” in the thesis of qualification bachelor level.



The following disciplines are taught at the department: “Safety of life and activities”, “Basics of occupational safety and civil defence”, “Ecological safety”, “Safety in IT industry”, “Organization of work conditions management”.


Science and international cooperation

Scientific direction of the department is: “Mathematical modeling of ergatic systems and the development of technical means and methods of ensuring the safety of technological and industrial processes”.


Scientific directions of lectures of the department:

  1. Investigation of the technological processes influence on a person and environment – Berezutskaya N.L.
  2. Investigation of the synergetic approach to the management of occupational safety – Proniuk G.V.
  3. Research of models and methods of person protection from the radiation influence – Stytsenko T.E.
  4. Management of the technological risks associated with increased levels of noise and vibration – Mamontov O.V.
  5. Research of models, methods and information technologies in the field of safety management
  6. Investigation of influence of the harmful production factors – Khondak I.I.
Tatyana Stytsenko

Head of the department

Tatyana Stytsenko

Head of the Department of Occupational Safety, member of the KNURE Scientific Council, member of the EMC, Member of the International Association of Alumni of KNURE, Member of the European Security Association, Ph.D. (Engineering), Associate Professor


Room: 237, 246, 246а, 247, 249, 319 i

+38 (057) 702-13-60