Special medical group

In the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, at the Department of Physical Education, there is a unit called a special medical group (SMG). Classes are conducted by teachers who have a special and medical education.

For the purpose of an individual approach, all students are divided into three main diseases: “A” – cardiovascular diseases; “B” – diseases of internal organs, vision; “B” – locomotor disorders, neurology.

The content of practical exercises and teaching methods for SMG students is conducted taking into account the principle of gradualness and increasing the requirements for mastering motor skills and abilities, developing physical qualities and dosing physical exertion. In addition to mastering students with compulsory program material, professional and applied physical training is conducted, skills of elements of sports games, interest in sports and hardening of the organism are instilled.

The educational process for physical education in SMG is aimed primarily at improving health, increasing the level of physical working capacity, as well as the possible elimination of functional abnormalities in physical development, the elimination of residual phenomena after the diseases.

In the class of SMG clearly preserves the principle of comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual. Problems of moral, aesthetic, physical, mental and labor education are comprehensively solved. The means of physical culture that are necessary for a more complete overall development of the vital physical qualities peculiar to man are used, the unity of general and special physical preparation of students is ensured.

Victoria Ganshina


Victoria Ganshina

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Sports