Department of Design and Operation of Electronic Devices (DOED)

Department trains students in two degrees of higher education and two bachelor specialties
in the following specialties:

  • 172 “Telecommunications and radio engineering”,
  • 173 “Avionics”;

masters in the specialty:

  • 172 “Telecommunications and radio engineering” (full-time and distance learning).

Department was established in 1963 by the order of the rector on the basis order of the Ministry
of internal Affairs of the USSR № 73 from 15.02.1963 “On changing of the structure of Kharkiv Institute of mechanical engineering, automation and computer engineering”.

Department is a profile (issuing), which carries out the implementation of educational programs, curricula, retraining in these specialties.

Oleksandr Panchenko


Oleksandr Panchenko

Head of Design and Operation of Electronic Devices Department, Member of STC, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor


Build “I”, 4-5 floors

402i, 403i, 405i

+380 (057) 702-14-94

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