Sports Section «Volleyball»

Volleyball traditions are strong in Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics. Women’s volleyball teams have been working since the university was founded.

Along with the national teams at the university there are groups of sports improvement for beginners. Training takes place in a large hall KNURE, fully provided with modern equipment and equipment. For all involved in volleyball, there is an opportunity to test yourself and your achievements in the composition of the team of the team of the faculty, in the annual Championship and KNURE Volleyball Cup.

Many students, both boys and girls, improving their physical training and sports skills, from beginners go to the university volleyball teams of the university and represent KNURE at various competitions.

Kharkov University of Radio Electronics has always been famous for its volleyball traditions. Student teams have repeatedly won prestigious competitions. The highest achievement – III place in the championship of the USSR among universities. Today’s national team can also be proud of their results: Champions of Ukraine, champions of Kharkov among men’s teams, prize-winners of the championship of universities of Kharkov.

Inside the university, volleyball passions do not subside. Systematically, twice a year at a minimum, a university championship is held among faculties and courses.

For those who want to learn and improve the techniques of playing volleyball, all the conditions for physical training are created. For the development of volleyball, the university has an appropriate sports and material base. There is a stadium, a large game room, a shower room, changing rooms, a sauna, and gymnasiums.

Olena Ponomarenko


Olena Ponomarenko

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Sports