Sports Section «Track and Field»

Track and field athletics – “The Queen of Sport”, even without being a sport, accompanied our ancestors for centuries: to survive, people had to run fast, jump far and high, throw stones, throw spears. Over time, the need for many of these occupations has disappeared, but they were expressed in competitions, and already in ancient Greece in 776 BC held the first race. Now this year is considered to be the beginning of athletics, as a sport.

In KNURE, of course, they could not do without this “queen”; therefore, the Athletics section works here, in which not only students, but also University staff work. We welcome a healthy lifestyle, so we create conditions so that everyone can realize their desire to be vigorous and young in body and spirit. In KHNURE, athletes fall into the experienced hands of coaches who will be able to calculate the load for any pupil: a beginner or has already reached certain peaks. Our mentors do everything to ensure that this noble sport brings only benefits: strengthened the musculoskeletal system and immunity, developed muscles, built a beautiful body relief. Improved blood circulation is an inevitable companion of active sports, leading to a more saturated blood supply to all organs, including the brain, which improves attention, memory, ability to concentrate, and this, in turn, affects mental activity and academic success. Thus, a beautiful body and a clear head – that’s what athletics classes can give everyone.

In KNURE, in the section on athletics, people of any age and any physical training are waiting for their members. Even if you’ve never played sports, athletics is a great way to get started! You just need to decide! You will enjoy the variety of species that it has to offer. The University has everything for this: halls and open areas, the necessary modern sports equipment and equipment. If you suddenly feel the taste for this sport, we are ready to support you. Our coaches are able to educate real athletes: in the national team of the University in athletics, champions and prize-winners of the Kharkiv region, Ukraine and Europe train. You can join our guys and become one or one of this friendly team of beautiful athletes!

Tetiana Zakhvatova


Tetiana Zakhvatova

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Sports