Council of Young Scientists

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Scientific Society of Young Scientists (SSYS) is a public self-government body of NURE scientific youth. The Council of Young Scientists operates in the period between the SSYS conferences.

The main purpose of the SSYS is to represent, protect the rights and interests of young scientists who study and work at the University, in particular, on issues of scientific and inventive activity, support of knowledge-intensive ideas, innovations and knowledge exchange.

The main tasks of SSYS are:

– promoting professional growth and creating conditions for the disclosure of the scientific and creative potential of members of the team of young scientists of the University;

– development of youth research initiatives, including interdisciplinary research and research that promotes sustainable development;

– search and support of talented researchers among students and young scientists, providing them with comprehensive assistance;

– participation in the organization and development of international scientific cooperation of young scientists;

– information activities, etc.

The main activities of SSYS are:

– supporting the scientific activities of the team of young scientists and promoting the formation of conditions for the realization of their innovative ideas;

– promoting relations between the older and younger generations of scientists, ensuring continuity in scientific activity;

– dissemination of information about scientific events, support programs for young scientists, etc. among the team of young scientists;

– organizing and conducting scientific events for young scientists;

– formation University’s “youth policy”, involvement of young people in decision-making to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals;

– representation of young scientists in the governing bodies of the University, as well as in state and municipal institutions, scientific and other organizations, public associations, etc.

The main principles of SSYS activity are:

– equality of rights of young scientists;

– academic freedom;

– collegiality, openness;

– gender equality, diversity, inclusion;

– periodic election and reporting.

Vitalii Tkachov


Vitalii Tkachov

Assistant Rector of Information Technology, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee, Editorial Board Member of the of the All-Ukrainian interdepartmental scientific and technical collection "Radiotekhnika", Member of the NURE Alumni Association, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists, Member of STC Presidium, Member of EMC Presidium, Associated Professor of the Department of Electronic Computers, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associated Professor


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