Vladimir F. Tkachenko

Prof., Head of the Department of Media Systems and Technologies (MST) at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE), the scientific advisor of the research laboratory "Geographic Information Systems and Computer Graphics", Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics, Honorary Professor of Printing and Publishing Institute NTU "KPI" (Kyiv).
Vladimir F. Tkachenko

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ORCID iD: 0000-0002-5076-0724
Researcher ID: B-4841-2018
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Born June 14, 1947.

Honours and Awards

The award pin of the MES of Ukraine "Outstanding Person in Education in Ukraine", the award pin of the MES of Ukraine "For Scientific Achievements", the certificate of honour of the State Committee of Communications Policy, Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine.


Fishing, billiards, travelling, opera.


2008 – Professor of the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics;

1988 – Head of the Department of Engineering Graphics;

1986 – Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering Graphics;

1983 – Assistant Professor at Electronic Computers Department;

1982 – Candidate of Sciences (Technology), speciality 05.13.01 “Technical Cybernetics and Information Theory”, thesis “Research and Development of Algorithms for Flow Distribution Rational Planning in Urban Gas Networks”;

1975 – electrical engineer in Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, speciality  ”Automated Control Systems”, honors degree.

Educational Activity

He prepared the following lecture courses – “Electronic Computers”, “Computer Peripherals”, “Dialogue Systems and Computer Graphics”, “Automated design Systems”, “The Newest Technologies and Materials”, “Computer Graphics Systems”, “Speciality Introductory Course”.

Scientific Work

His scientific interests include control automation of spatially-distributed objects, geographic information systems and technologies, electronic mapping, control automation of media systems technological processes, computer-aided planning and control of gas distribution systems development and operation.

Scientific and Technical Achievements

Design models and methods of geographic information analytical systems of cities and subnational entities (data organization model in the system, optimal system architecture, digital mapping development technologies, techniques of development and system implementation with the use of WEB technologies based on proprietary and free software tools); computer-aided management models and methods of technological processes at printing enterprises; computer-aided management models and methods of gas distribution systems development and operation.

Personnel Training

He worked as a scientific adviser of 6 Candidates of Sciences (E.Grinchenko, O.Sitabdieva,  I.Bozhinsky, A.Popov, D.Kostarev, K.Kobilnik) and 3 postgraduate students in specialities: 05.13.06 – “Information Technologies” and 05.01.01 “Applied Geometry and Computer Graphics”.

Social and International Activities

Prof. V. Tkachenko is a member of the editorial board of scientific and technical journals like “Printing Technology and Techniques” (Kyiv, NTU “KPI”) “Computer Printing Technologies” (Lviv, UAP), “Visnyk of Geodesy and  Mapping” (Kyiv), a member of the Working Group Committee TC-103 on  Software Standardization of Geographic Information Systems, a member of the Scientific and Methodological Council in “Printing and Publishing” with the MES of Ukraine, a representative of KhNURE in the International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts: Technology and Management.

Publications and patents

He wrote 140 papers, 10 books (9 manuals and 1 multi-author monograph) among which are:

  1. Postprinting Processes, Kharkiv, KhNURE, 2005
  2. Instant and Special Types of Printing. Technology, Equipment, Kharkiv, KhNURE, 2005
  3. Fundamentals of Metrology, Standardization and Quality Control of Printed Products, Kharkiv: KhNURE, 2005
  4. Computer Graphics Systems, Kharkiv: KhNURE, 1996
  5. Digital Instant Printing, Kharkiv, 2007
  6. Encyclopedia of Publishing, Kharkiv, 2008
  7. Hardware of Computerized Publishing Systems, Kharkiv: SMIT, 2008
  8. Text Information Processing in Publishing Systems (Part I), Kharkiv: SMIT, 2007
  9. Standards in Printing and Publishing, Lviv: Ukrainian Academy of Printing, 2011
  10. Text Information Processing in Publishing Systems (Part II), Kharkiv, KhNURE, 2011
  11. The monograph "Energy Pipeline Systems: Development and Operation Control. - Novosibirsk: Nauka, 2004