Igor Nevliudov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department CITAM
Igor Nevliudov

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ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9837-2309
Scopus: 8572033200
Researcher ID: V-5986-2017
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Honors and Awards

Honored Scientist and Engineer of Ukraine, Laureate of State prizes of Ukraine in science and technology, Winner (2000), winner (2015) regional competition «Higher School of Kharkov - the best names in nomination "Head of Department "; honorary sign "Excellence in Education of Ukraine" (2001), "For scientific achievements" (2005); Regional Scholarship in Science of G. Proskury (2010); has a number of signs, medals and other awards.


1985 – Doctor of Science (Engineering), scientific specialty 05.11.14 – Technology of Instrumentation.
1987 – Professor in the Department of Technology and Production of Radio Devices.

Teaching work

Lecture courses: Basics of scientific research and copyright, Technology of information support in technological systems, Feasibility study of engineering solutions, Methods of production optimization, Production process control.

Scientific work

I. Nevliudov is a head of scientific school in the field of technology and automation of the radio-electronic instrument production, in which 27 Candidates of Technical Science (PhD, Engineering) and fiver of Doctor of Technical Sciences were prepared.
Under his leadership, the research projects at the expense of the state budget are successfully provided (9 projects, from 2002 to present).

Public and international activities

Academician of International (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus) Applied Radio Electronics Academy, of Ukrainian Technological Academy, Member of 2 Specialized Councils for Doctoral Thesis’s Defense, member of the Scientific Council of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (section “Physical and Technical Problems of Materials”).

Publications and patents

According to the results of scientific research 530 scientific papers have been published, including 12 patents, 31 Author’s certificates. He is the an author (co-author) of 5 books, 22 tutorials approved by MES, 10 monographs, including recently published:

  1. Methods and Models of Intellectual Decision-Making Support For Automatized Control of Flexible Integrated Manufacturing / I. Nyevlyudov, O. Tsymbal, A. Chochowski, V. Lisenko, V. Reshetiuk, D. Komarchuk, B. Kuliak - K.: Agrar Media Group, 2016. - 336 p.
  2. Автоматизоване управління технологічним процесом витягування мікроструктурованих оптичних волокон: монографія / Филипенко О.І., Невлюдов І.Ш., Пономарьова Г.В. - Харків: Бурун і К, 2015. – 132 с.
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  2. Nevliudov І. Development of MEMS construction connect devices with a self-test connections / І. Nevliudov, O. Filipenko, V. Palagin, I. Razumov-Friuzyk and others // Information and Telecommunication Sciences. - № 2 (2016) – c. 10-19
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