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The Summer University (Sommeruniversität) or the Summer Academy (Sommerakademie) in Germany is a good opportunity to study German and English languages, get new knowledges in the specialty, get acquainted with the country and its educational system. Many universities offer these courses during the summer holidays. Their list can be found on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.

DAAD database has more than three hundred summer schools; many of them are intended for foreign students.

DAAD offers scholarships for students, postgraduates, professors and academics. Here you can find a link of scholarship programs for Ukraine.

What do summer universities offer?

First of all – it is German-language courses – daily or specialized, for example in the field of business, tourism, medicine or technology, or for training, and seminars on topics such as Germany and its neighbors, “Summer in Berlin”. There are also offers for those who want to increase their professional level and master the innovations: for example, Java programming courses, 3D PRINTING workshops, processing of big data, mechatronics or business management in Europe. You can study how to make a business plan or start a startup in one of the summer schools. There are also courses for preparing for the language test, and introductory courses for those, who plan to get higher education in Germany. At the summer school you can “try” to the German educational system, or try seminars, and decide definitely whether you want to join a German university.

Learning with fun

Summer universities open their doors from May to September. The courses take place in several stages. The duration of courses is usually from three to six weeks. Trainings pass daily – only 20-30 hours per week. Professionally oriented courses are often held in English, knowledge of English should be at least level B1. Students have the opportunity to get score points after seminars. But students must find out whether score points will be enrolled at their university. The explanations for the courses contain the main points of the curriculum. You will have to work hard for successfully completing the summer academy. Course participants should write abstracts, tests, and take exams, like ordinary German students. The organizers also take care about the rest of the participants, despite the educational orientation of summer seminars. They are offered a diverse cultural program: visits to museums, theaters, exhibitions, excursions and other events.

How to find courses in Germany?

On the DAAD site you can search summer courses which are interesting to you, and feet your preferred specialization. The search engine provides a list of relevant summer schools and their proposed programs from the specified subjects. The listed programs are consist description and cost information. Getting information about university programs and requirements for the applicants can be found on the website of university that interests you. You can also find curator contact details here. You should write to curator as earlier, as possible, because the number of participants for each program is limited.

Application for participation and the cost of summer courses

All summer courses are paid. A two-week workshop on robotics will cost 750 € at Aachen High School. The course of computer engineering at the Berlin Technical University costs nearly 1800 €. Three weeks of studying German in the field of tourism or medicine will cost 650 € at Freiburg University. The intensive German course at the University of Humboldt Berlin costs nearly 700 €. As a rule, a member of the course pays himself for transport, insurance, accommodation and food.

You can choose the courses of the DAAD scholarship program. This opportunity is provided only for students who study in German language, and, students who have improving of their knowledge (language certificate is not lower than level B1). In 2018, 380 applications were obtain by the DAAD program under the “Summer Language Courses of the German Language” program. Half of the candidates received a scholarship – 950 €. DAAD pays an additional charge for transportation. The quantity of scholarships is determined by the central office of the German Academic Exchange Service in Bonn, and the selection takes plays in Kiev.

Requirements for student’s applications: two years studding in university, a CV, a motivation letter (in German language), a transcript, a professor’s recommendation, and a language certificate (German language). The motivation letter must consist your expectation from the summer courses, your specialty at the university, and your concernment in this program. Applications are accepted for the next year in the fall of this year in the DAAD office in Kyiv.

Information about applying applications

Summer courses in Germany for foreign students 2-5 courses

Group trips for students to Germany “Studienreisen”

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  • ERP scholarships for graduates in economics

For graduates:

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For postgraduate students:

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