Vladimir Kartashov

Vladimir Kartashov
Head of Department of the Media Engineering and Information Radio Electronic Systems , Deputy Head of the Section 4 of EMC, Member of STC, Head of Specialized Scientific Council, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
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Education and Career

He graduated from the Radio Engineering Faculty of the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics.

From 1980 to 1981 – an engineer of the research laboratory of the Military Radio Engineering Academy of Air Defense named. L.A. Govorova;

in 1981-1983 – service in the Armed Forces, position – engineer of the radio group;

since 1984 – associate in KNURE.

Educational activity

Basic educational disciplines: “Radio electronic systems”; “Fundamentals of scientific research”, “Organization of science and copyright”; “Modern animation technologies”; “Acoustic sensing of heterogeneous media”.

Research activities

Research Interests: processing sig-nals and images; the adaptation of radiosystems to current changes in atmocphere conditions; syst-ems of  remote sounding the at-mosphere with electromagnetics and acoustic waves; controlling and navigation of mobile ground robots.

The main scientific results: created the theory of vector probing radio-acoustic signals; developed the theoretical basis of optimization and adaptation  of signal processing devices in radioacoustic and acoustic systems of sounding  the atmosphere.

Social activities

Participated in the development of higher education standard on specialty 171 “Electronics” for undergraduate (bachelor) level of higher education.

International activity / participation in international projects

Scientific supervisor of internship in KNURE of the Head of the Department of Applied Physics of the Autono-mous University of the Lower California (Mexico) State, Doctor of Philosophy Sergienko O.Yu. (September 2017-January 2018).

Scientific supe-rvisor of the dissertation for the Doctor of Technical Scien-ces degree, Head of the Department of Applied Physics at the Autonomous University of the Lower Cali-fornia (Mexico) State, Doctor of Philosophy Sergienko O.Yu. (2018).


More than 200 publications.