Oleksandr Kusomin

Oleksandr Kusomin
Founder of the NURE Alumni Association, Professor of Informatics Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
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Education and Career

1967 – graduated with honors from HIRE with a degree in automation and telemechanics.

1967 – engineer Department of Technical Electronics.

1968 – Assistant of the Department of Technical Electronics.

1968-1971 – post-graduate student of the Department of Technical Electronics.

1971 – defended his Ph.D. thesis, specialty “Technical Cybernetics”.

1972 – Associate Professor of the Computer Engineering Department.

1991 – Associate Professor Engineering graphics, Computer technologies.

1993 – Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Applications. Since 2001 – Professor of the Department of Informatics.

2008 – defended his doctoral dissertation on specialty 05.13.06 “Methods, models and information technologies for monitoring and elimination of emergency natural situations”, professor.

Educational activity

Teaches courses:

  • “Parallel and Distributed Computing”,
  • “Special Programming Languages”,
  • “Fundamentals of Statistical Modeling and Dependency Studies”,
  • “Computer Science in Web Applications”,
  • “Web Server Design Fundamentals”,
  • “Intelligent Data Processing in Internet Systems of Things”,
  • “Innovative Technologies” ,
  • “Intellectual Information Systems”,
  • “Internet Technology Basics and Search Engines”.

Researcher activity

1975-1976, 2001 – scientific internships at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

1972-1988 – a responsible performer of a number of research projects and two ROCs at the Computer Engineering Department.

2003 – guest professor of the University of Hagen, Germany, the subject of the scientific work – “Investigation of the models of P2P information transfer to the Internet”.

2009-2011 Head of Research with BOCH laboratory, Dresden, development of mock-ups and programs for “Ensuring the reliability of the wind generator”.

2013-2015 – Head of Transitional Research Budget Work No. 272-1 years.

“Models and methods of analysis of dynamic processes of natural emergencies”. The object of the research is the systems for providing information technology for monitoring risks in emergencies.

Subject of research – models, methods of developing knowledge bases and information technology for risk management in emergencies in conditions of uncertainty and multicriteria.

2011 – Head of the PNDL “Information Transfer Technologies for Risk Reduction Systems”, 5 candidate dissertations and one doctoral dissertation on “Methods and models for emergencies” were defended.

1990-2013 – Head of Innovation and Marketing Department of the University.

International activity / participation in international projects

2014-2017 – Coordinator of the project “Entrepreneur Alumni Network”, 544521 – TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-SMHES.

2014-2019 – Coordinator of ERASMUS project with the University of Hannover, Germany.

2013-2021- Coordinator of the project “Ostpartnerschaft” with the University of Hannover, Germany.

Publications and patents

The author of more than 200 publications and 3 manuals with the stamp of the Ministry. 2 patents.