Iryna Botsman

Iryna Botsman
Associate Professor Department of Computer-Integrated Technologies, Technical secretary of STC, Automation and Mechatronics Candidate of Engineering Science, Associate Professor, Member of the Council of Young Scientists

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Education and Career

In 2009 she graduated from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics with honors by specialty Technologies and Devices of Tele-communications». Qualification – Researcher on electronics and telecommunications.

2009 – Engineer, «Communication-Inform-Project-Cascade» Ltd.

2009 – Engineer at the Department of Technology and Automation on Production of Radio Electronic and Computing Devices, KhNURE.

2010 – Post-graduate student KhNURE.

2011 – Assistant at ТАPR Department.

2013 – Candidate of Engineering Science, by Specialty 05.27.06 – Technology, equipment and production of electronic equipment,

Thesis title: «The multi-probe connecting devices for electrical testing of electronic devices».

2014 – Senior Lecturer, ТАPR Department,

2016 – Associate Professor, Department of Computer-Integrated Technologies, Automation and Mechatronics (CITAM), KhNURE.

Educational activities

Teaches the courses: «Fabrication technologies of electronic devices», «Components and technologies of microsystem radio electronic equipment», «Technology of telecommunication and radio electronic devices», «Basics of radio electronic apparatus manufacturing»,

«Basics of Biomedical Devices Production Technology» (for foreign students).

Research activities

Research interests: flexible commutative structures, MEMS and MOEMS, piezoelectric transducers, the multi-probes connecting devices for electronic components (BGA, ICs, PCB) electrical testing, radio electronic devices failures forecasting.

Executor of several state budget research works and  research works by economic agreements, head of the student scientific group.

International activities / participation in international projects

  1. IEEE Member (2020).
  2. Full-time international internship and advanced training “Modern trends in higher education in the European Union. Experience of the Technical University of Varna” (Bulgaria, 2018).
  3. Full-time participation in the XIV International Conference “Strategy of Quality in Industry and Education” (June 2018, Varna, Bulgaria).
  4. Participation in the International Conference “CAOL-2019” (September 2019, Sozopol, Bulgaria).

Social activities 

  1. Technical Secretary of the Scientific and Technical Council.
  2. Member of the Alumni Association of NURE.
  3. Member of the Council of Young Scientists.

4. Member of the National Writer’s Union of Ukraine.

State Awards

  1. Laureate of the scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists (2020-2022).
  2. Gratitude from the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration for a significant personal contribution to the implementation of modern state policy in the field of education, conscientious work, a high level of professionalism (October 2019).
  3. Grant for the best report at the Ninth International Youth Scientific Conference «Modern Problems of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications RT 2013» (Sevastopol, April 2013).
  4. Finalist Diploma of International Competition on Innovation and Investment Projects «Kharkiv Initiatives-2013″ in the nomination «The best innovative project in the field of instrument making».

Publications and patents

Over 110 publications, including 1 monograph, 5 patents for inventions and utility models, 2 copyright certificates, more than 20 scientific papers and more than 20 educational and methodical works.

  1. Patent of Ukraine № 95190 “Microelectromechanical Multiprobes Connecting Device” / I. Nevlyudov, V. Palagin, E. Razumov-Frizjuk, I. Zharikova, July 11, 2011, bulletin № 13.
  2. Patent of Ukraine № 98539 “МЕМS-interface of multidrop automatic testing equipment” / I. Nevlyudov, V. Palagin, E. Razumov-Frizjuk, I. Zharikova, May 25, 2012, bulletin № 10.
  3. Patent of Ukraine № 108314 “The device for cyclic conversion of mechanical energy into electric” / I.Sh. Nevlyudov, V.A. Palagin, E.A. Razumov-Frizjuk, I.V. Zharikova, Y.I. Bogdan, April 10, 2015, bulletin № 7.
  4. Patent of Ukraine № 102880 “Low-frequency vibration stand” / I.V. Zharikova, S.P. Novoselov, O.S. Botsman, V.V. Nevliudova, November 25, 2015, bulletin № 22.
  5. Patent of Ukraine № 108066 “Stand for Dynamic Testing of Flexible Switching Loops and MEMS Components” / I.V. Zharikova, S.P. Novoselov, O.S. Botsman, V.V. Nevliudova, November 25, 2015, bulletin № 22.