Igor Prasol

Igor Prasol
Professor of the Department of Biomedical Engeneering, Member of the specialized scientific council, Member of the NURE Alumni Association, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
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Education and Career

In 1979 he graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics specialty «Еlectronic Instruments and Devices».

1989 – Doctor of Phylosophy, speciality: 05.13.01 – Management in Technical Systems and 05.13.12 – Design Automation Systems.

1993 – Associate Professor of the Biomedical Electronics Departmen.

2008 – Professor of the Department of Biomedical.

Doctor of Sciences – 2011, speciality: 05.13.12 – Design Automation Systems.

Educational activity

Teaches courses:

Electronics; The digital circuits; Biomedical devices, apparatus and systems (Part 2): Diagnostic Equipment and  Therapy equipment; Methods and tools for automation circuit design.

Research activities

Member of  specialized scientific councils of the specialities: 05.13.12 – Design Automation Systems; 05.11.17 – Biological and Medical Devices and Systems.

Research interests include computer-aided design of electronic and biomedical equipment; mathematical modeling; diagnostic and therapy medical devices; Information Technology.

International activity / participation in international projects

Member of the Contact Group on Cooperation with Zlote Serce and the Humanitas University (Poland, Sosnowiec)

Social activities

Member of the Association of Alumni and Friends of KNURE.

State Awards

Diploma of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 2001; the certificate of the university professor, 2007;  badge of Excellent Education of Ukraine, 2009.

Publications and patents

More than 100 publications

1 patent