Hennadii Khalimov

Hennadii Khalimov
Head of Department of Information Technologies Security, Head of Specialized Academic Council, Head of the Section 5 of EMC, Member of STC Presidium, Head of the Section 6 of STC, Member of the NURE Alumni Association, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
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Education and Career

In 1978 he graduated from Kharkov Higher Military Command School named after Krylov N.I. on a specialty of a «control and communication system». From August 1978 to December 2002 – service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During 2002 – 2014 he worked as an assistant professor, professor of the Department of Information Technologies Security of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE). Currently, the head of the department of information technology security.

Educational activities

Teaches courses: “Applied Cryptology”, “Information and Coding Theory”, “Information – Communication Systems”, “Authentication Systems and Means”, “Quantum Cryptography”, “Application of Projective Varieties in Cryptography and Coding”.

Research activities

Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 64.052.05 KNURE on protection with specialty 05.13.21 – “information security system”.

Prepared two candidates of technical sciences on specialty 20.02.12 – military cybernetics, control systems and communications, and one on specialty 05.13.21 – “information security systems”.

He was a responsible executor and leader of the 15th Scientific research.

Scientific interests:

  • methods of cryptographic protection of information,
  • noise-immune coding,
  • biometric cryptography.

Social activities

He was a member of the working group for the development of standards of higher education in Ukraine in the field of “Information and Communication Systems Security”.

Publications and patents

Author of more than 100 publications, two textbooks, 4 monographs, 5 copyright certificates.