On February 21, students of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics took part in the final stage of the All-Ukrainian IT Development Champ competition for solving business case from KERNEL in Kiev.

The international agricultural holding KERNEL proposed to accept the super technological challenge and solve real production problems. One of the directions of the company’s work is quality control, cleaning and storage of grain. This happens at elevators, where grain is brought after harvesting in the field. The flow of transport and products is very large, it is not easy to register and record. It was necessary to choose one of the business cases: сreate a mobile application on Android OS, which will register the entry of vehicles into the elevator, сreate a web application «Client’s office» of the elevator, сreate a configuration on the 1C:Enterprise platform for quantitative and qualitative accounting of the elevator.

The team of the training and production research center “SAP Academy” of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, consisting of students Gleb Tereshchenko, Konstantin Nechvolod, Yaroslav Gonchar under the leadership Head of the Center, Iryna Kyrychenko, accepted the challenge and solved all three cases, creating a single software product: software implementation of a mobile application for vehicle check-in, a client’s web portal and quantitative and qualitative registration of the elevator.

Among 180 participants of the All-Ukrainian competition, the KhNURE team took first place.

The international agricultural holding KERNEL is the world’s leading and largest Ukrainian producer and exporter of sunflower oil, a key supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea region to world markets. KERNEL exports its products to more than 80 countries, has the largest land fund in Ukraine – more than 600 thousand hectares. Since November 2007, the company’s shares have been traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).