NURE in Top-10 NatureIndex Ranking


Experts of the scientific journal Nature compile the annual ranking of the publication activity of scientific organizations – Nature Index based on the global impact factor

The analysis takes into account publications from the database of articles in the elite scientific journals on natural sciences – astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences (in the English tradition of natural sciences). According to the authors of the rating, he gives an idea about the contribution of the country or organization to the development of world science.

The main indicator used in the analysis of the Nature Index database is the number of articles (AC – Articles Count). For example, if the article has one or several co-authors from Ukraine, then Ukraine is assigned AC = 1. Accordingly, 1 is assigned to a scientific organization, which the author indicated as an affiliation. Fractional indicator – participation rate (FC – Fractional Count), shows the contribution of the institution or country to the creation of the article. FC of the whole article is 1. If the article has 5 authors, then everyone gets FC = 0,2.

In total, there are 18 Ukrainian organizations in the rating. The most productive scientific organization of Ukraine is the Academy of Sciences.

NURE with 3 articles authors Yu. Zholudov (Laboratory of Analytical Optochemotronics) and K. Muzyka (BMI department) takes 9th place in FC and 6th in AC