Department of Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Appliances

The department trains specialists in the field of knowledge 15 – automation and instrumentation in the specialty:

  • 153 – micro- and nanosystem-based technology in the educational program – micro- and nanoelectronics (bachelor); micro- and nanoelectronic devices and appliances (master).

And also the field of knowledge 17 – electronics and telecommunications in the specialty:

  • 171 – electronics for the educational program – electronic devices and systems (bachelor); electronic devices and appliances (master).

The need for specialists in these areas for modern society is associated with a significant increase in the electronicization of all spheres of its activities – from production to humanitarian. The introduction of new information technologies is also possible only with the help of appropriate electronic means.

Students study in detail the disciplines associated with the development and operation of modern electronics products, with the design of control and measurement systems. In the field of cooperation with foreign scientific and educational organizations, students and postgraduates are given the opportunity to undergo an internship in Germany.

Together with teachers and research workers of the department, future bachelors and masters participate in the development of:

  • new electronic sensors and information converters;
  • a new generation of quantum computers;
  • radio-electronic means of diagnostics of materials, environments and objects;
  • information-measuring tools and control systems for different objects.

Scientific directions of the department:

  • microwave diagnostics of materials, environments and objects;
  • scanning microwave microscopy of conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics;
  • microelectronic receivers and image converters of IR and UV ranges;
  • photoelectric converters for solar energy;
  • physics of quantum-dimensional structures.

The chair actively participates in the university program of the European corporation in the field of electronics STMicroelectronics. As part of this project, the department receives microcontroller kits and software, which is used in the educational process.

Cooperation has been established with the University of Hanover, the Institute of Solar Energy (Germany), on the basis of which postgraduate students of the department are trained and trained. Negotiations are ongoing with the universities of Germany on the alignment of the directions of bachelor’s and master’s works, as well as the possibility of master’s preparation.

The scientific school “Radiowave and infrared diagnostics of materials, media and objects” was formed at the department (the scientific adviser is Prof. Gordienko Yu.E.).

Preparation of Doctors of Philosophy  is conducted  in the following specialties:

  • 105 – applied physics and nanomaterials;
  • 171 – electronics (training guarantor – prof., D. Sc.,  Gritsunov A.).
Igor Bondarenko


Igor Bondarenko

Head of Department Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Appliances, Deputy Head of the Specialized Scientific Council, Member of EMC, Member of STC Presidium, Head of the Section 1 of STC, Doctor of Physics and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Member of the NURE Alumni Association


Main building, 2 floor, room 212

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