Sports section «Swimming»

The ability to swim is a vital skill for a person of any age. On the effect of swimming on the human body can talk a lot.

In our university, the swimming section has been working for a very long time.

The famous university swimmers defended the sporting honor of the university over the years: members of the USSR, Ukraine and Kharkiv region national teams: A. Manachinsky, A. Azhgibesova, E. Tsuprova, M. Kushnarev, M. Shmatko, A. Volkogon, Ewak Eden Kinsley, Sivokon A ., Pyatak L. and others.

Along with other sports sections, swimming is one of the most popular types of activities for students. A large number of students who want to not only learn how to swim while studying at the university, but also try their hand at student competitions, come to the swimming group.

Galina Sidorenko


Galina Sidorenko

Head of the educational laboratory