Sports Section «Kickboxing»

In NURE high-level contact martial arts are cultivated in two directions – shock martial arts: kickboxing, WTF taekwondo, Thai boxing, contact karate and mixed martial arts: horting, goju-ryu karate, mixed martial arts MMA. Academic and elective classes with students are held at a high methodological level with the use of advanced scientific developments for the preparation of qualified athletes. Students in the classroom acquire effective self-defense skills, improve their physical fitness, acquire healthy lifestyle skills, and can test themselves in competitions among beginners.

For many years, qualified specialists of KNURE built a harmonious system of professional improvement of wrestlers, which is aimed at training athletes for recruiting teams of Ukraine. Two honored masters of sports of Ukraine in kickboxing, five masters of sports of Ukraine of international class in kickboxing, karate and military sports all around, 17 masters of sports of Ukraine, 87 candidates for master of sports of Ukraine, twenty-five champions and prize-winners of world and European championships seventy champions and prize-winners Championships of Ukraine.

Andrii Lytvynenko


Andrii Lytvynenko

Docent of Physical Education and Sports Department, Candidate of Science in Physical Education and Sports, Docent