Research and development laboratory of electronic and non-traditional energy technologies (RDL ENET)

The laboratory is engaged in research in the following areas:

– development of new technologies based on the combined action of electromagnetic energy of the microwave range, cavitation, resonant magnetoacoustic processing and other types of exposure of physical fields to materials and objects;

– creation of perspective microwave technology for use in technological processes for processing food, agricultural and other types of products and materials for various purposes;

– development of new technologies in the field of alternative energy.

The laboratory maintains scientific contacts with leading scientific organizations and institutions of Ukraine. Conducts international scientific and technical cooperation within the framework of international scientific relations of the university and takes part in the implementation of joint scientific programs and projects.

Oleksandr Ivanovich Dokhov

Head of the laboratory

Oleksandr Ivanovich Dokhov

Head of laboratory RDC IIREST, Deputy Chief Editor «Applied Radio Electronics»