Scientific and Technical Journal «Applied Radio Electronics»

The scientific and technical journal “Applied Radio Electronics” was established in 2002 (certificate of state registration: series KB No. 6037 dated 09.04.2002) and is included in the list of scientific and technical editions of Ukraine in technical and Physico-mathematical sciences.

ISSN 1727-1290.
Periodicity – 4 times a year.

One of the main goals of the journal is to inform of scientists and scientific and technological staffs, as well as specialists of commercial organizations about the latest achievements in the field of high-level radio-electronic and information technologies.

The peculiarity of the journal is the publication of the results of original research in the field of fundamental and applied sciences, which will contribute to their further development.

The founders of the magazine:

  • Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics;
  • Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics.

Editorial team: Abramovich Yu.I. (USA), Bodiansky Ye.V., Borisov A.V., Buz V.A., Bikh A.I., Homozov V.I., Zhykov V.Ya., Zarytsky V.I., Kipensky A.V., Kulpa K. (Poland), Lekhovitsky D.I., Litvinov V.V., Lukin K.A., Makhehin Y.P., Modelskii Y. (Poland), Nerukh O.G., Polyakov G.A., Rolling G. (Germany), Sedishev Yu.M., Serkov A.A., Sukharevsky O.I., Churyumov G.I., Shifkir Ya.S., Shkvarko Yu.V. (Mexico).

Gennadiy Churyumov

Chief Editor

Gennadiy Churyumov

Professor of the Department of Physical Fundamentals of Electronic Equipment, Member of STC, Member of Specialized Scientific Council, IEEE Senior Member, Chief Editor of «Applied Radio Electronics», the scientific leader of the educational-research laboratory "Electronics-Orion" and the research laboratory "Microwave Technologies", doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, professor


room 115i, Nauky Ave. 14,
Kharkiv,61166, Ukraine

+38 (057) 702-10-57