Scientific and Technical Council

The purpose of the creation of the Scientific and Technical Council is to solve the urgent problems of the scientific activity development, scientific quality assurance of education, training of highly skilled personnel, creation of favorable conditions for the development and implementation of high-tech, competitive scientific and technical products in Ukraine and abroad.

The Scientific and Technical Council is an advisory agency that develops proposals in all areas of scientific, scientific and technical, innovation and training of highly skilled personnel.

Section 1 – Applied Physics and Nanomaterials.

Section 2 – Information technology.

Section 3 – Automation and Instrument making.

Section 4 – Biomedical Engineering, Cybernetics and Informatics.

Section 5 – Electronics and Telecommunications.

Section 6 – Cybersecurity.

Kirill Khrustalev

Scientific Secretary

Kirill Khrustalev

Associate Professor of the Department of Computer-Integrated Technologies, Scientific Secretary of STC, Automation and Mechatronics Candidate of Engineering Science


building “G”, 5th floor, r. 521

+38 (057) 702-14-34