About the Department

The Department of Licensing and Accreditation is created with the purpose:

  • coordination of actions for the preparation, organization, support and conduct of licensing of educational activities in the field of higher education in accordance with the standards of educational activities for the preparation of applicants for higher education;
  • accompaniment of the preparation of accreditation of educational programs for their preliminary examination in the MES;
  • ensuring the effective functioning of the internal quality assurance system of higher education of the University.

The main tasks of the department are:

  • ensuring timely registration of licenses and certificates, re-registration in the event of expiration of their validity period;
  • provision of informational, consultative and practical assistance to the structural units of the University in the preparation of documents on the opening and licensing of new areas of training (specialties);
  • control over compliance with licensed training of specialists at the university;
  • analysis, synthesis and statistical processing of information on the compliance of the provision of specialties with accreditation requirements;
  • storage of licensing and accreditation affairs of specialties that are available at the University, for a period in accordance with the current legislation.