A team of NURE powerlifters is the bronze prize-winner.


Team of powerlifting of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, under the guidance of coach, senior lecturer of the Department of FVS Natalia Didiuk, took the third place among 17 teams in the regional sports competitions “Sport for life” among students of the secondary cooling zone of Kharkiv region powerlifting, which took place 13-15.12.2019 in sports complex GTUBE.
So Yuri Bondarenko gathering a triathlon 630 kg (squat 225 kg, bench press – 150 kg deadlift – 255 kg) took the third place in the category up to 120 kg And for the first time performed the standard candidate master of sports of Ukraine in powerlifting.
The same norm of power triathlon repeated Vlad Ivanov in the category up to 80 kg. with the sum of 512.5 kg. and Vladislav Maksimov, who also took III place in the soy weight category up to 83 kg. (squats-212 kg., bench press-142.8 kg. thrust-220 kg.) with the sum of 575 kg.
The Champions of these competitions were Darina Brodyagina in the weight category up to 52 kg. with the sum of the triathlon 235 kg. (squats-87.5 kg., bench press-45 kg. thrust-102.5 kg.) and Igor Lukienko in the weight category up to 59 kg.with the sum of 385 kg. (squats – 135 kg., bench press – 95 kg. thrust – 155 kg.).
Victoria Akhremenko became the silver medalist in the weight category with the sum in three movements of 240 kg. (squats-85 kg., a bench press-55 kg. thrust-100 kg.).
Debutants of these competitions Maria Mazel, Nikita Nikitin, Alexander Shcherbak, Philip Kravchenko, Ivan Gritsenko and Alexander Narvatov made a great contribution to the team standings.