Vasyl Mykolaiovych Yavtushenko

Candidate of philological science (PhD), assistant professor of the Ukrainian Science department


In 1995 he graduated from philological faculty of Kharkov National University (now KhNU named after V.N. Karazin) on specialty “The Ukrainian language and literature”.
In 1999 he graduated from the post-graduate course at the history of Ukrainian literature department.
In 2000 he defended thesis on specialty 10.00.01 – the Ukrainian literature.
In 2013 the scientific degree of assistant professor of Ukrainian science department was given.

Educational work

He teaches subjects “Culture of oral and written business communication” for students full-time and extra mural forms of education; “The Ukrainian language of professional trend” for students extra mural form of education; “Features of the Ukrainian scientific language” for post-graduate students.

Scientific work

The sphere of the scientific interests are the history of Ukrainian literature XIX – beginning XX century, terminology.
He takes part in international scientific conferences and publishes the reports in scientific collected articles, publishes articles in special editions.
He is a member of science council of the faculty for foreign students training.

Publications and patents

He is a co-author of training appliances “The Ukrainian Language of professional trend” (2012).
He has 38 scientific and methodological publications.