Volodymyr M. Kartashov

Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, Head of Department of Media Engineering and Information Radio Electronic Systems, Scientific Supervisor of the research laboratory of atmosphere sounding, Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
Volodymyr M. Kartashov

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ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8335-5373
Researcher ID: E-1307-2018 Scopus ID: 9534197500


2006 – Professor of Department of Radio Electronic Systems.

2003 – Dr. Sc. (Technology), Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, speciality: 05.12.17 – radio engineering and television systems. The dissertation topic: “Development of the theory and improvement of radio acoustic and acoustic systems of atmosphere sounding “.

1991 – Assoc. Prof., Department of Radio Engineering Systems of Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics.

1990 – Cand. Sc. (Technology), Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, speciality – “Radar location and radio navigation”.

1980 – graduated from KhIRE, Radio Engineering School, speciality: “Radio engineering”. Dr. V.M. Kartashov worked in the research laboratory of Kharkiv Military Radio Engineering Academy of Antiaircraft Defense, named after L. Govorov, served in the Armed Forces in the position of a radio group engineer.

Academic work

Lecture courses: «Radio electronic systems», «Bases of radio communication systems theory»,
«Information and coding theory», «Designing and optimization of radio electronic systems».

Scientific work

Directions of scientific researches: processing signals of systems for remote atmosphere sounding with the use of electromagnetic and acoustic waves, adaptation of radio and acoustic systems to current changes in the environment.

Main scientific results: Dr. V.M. Kartashov has developed the theory of vector probing radio acoustic signals and theoretical bases of optimization and adaptation of processing signal devices in systems for radio acoustic and acoustic atmosphere sounding.

Tutorship: He supervises post-graduate students’ scientific work in specialities 05.12.17 – radio engineering and television systems; 05.12.13 – radio engineering devices and telecommunication means. Dr. V.M. Kartashov has trained one Candidate of Science.

Public and international activity

A member of two specialized councils on defending theses for a doctor’s degree, speciality «Radio engineering and television systems». An associate editor of the journal “Radio Engineering”. A member of organizational and program committees of some international conferences. Data on V.M. Kartashov are placed in the «Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine».

Publications and patents

130 publications, among them: a tutorial with a stamp of the Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science, two monographs, 14 patents and author’s copyright certificates.

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