Lyudmyla Kirichenko

Lyudmyla Kirichenko
Professor of Department of Applied mathematics, Deputy Head of the specialized scientific council, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Member of the NURE Alumni Association

Education and Career

In 1986 she graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics specialty “Applied mathematics”.

Ph.D. – 2000. Thesis defended in 2000 at the Kharkov State Technical University of Radio Electronics.

Doctor of Sciences Thesis defended in 2013 in Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics. Specialty 01.05.02 – Mathematical Modelling and Computational Methods. The subject of thesis – Models and methods for estimating the parameters of self-similar and multifractal stochastic processes.

Professor of Applied mathematics since 2015.

The main stages of pedagogical activity:

2000 –2001– Assistant, Department of Applied mathematics;

2001-2002– Lecturer, Department of Applied mathematics,

2002-2014– Associate Professor, Department of Applied mathematics,

Since 2014 – Professor, Department of Applied mathematics

Educational activity

Teaches courses: “Theory of chaos” “Wavelet analysis of time series,” “Stochastic analysis”, “Bases of fractal theory “, “Methods of wavelet analysis of random processes

Researcher activity

Ph.D. – 2000. Specialty 01.05.02 – Mathematical Modelling and Computational Methods.

Doctor of Technical Sciences. – 2013. Specialty 01.05.02 – Mathematical Modelling and Computational Methods.

Member of the Dissertation Council D 64.052.02 in KNURE and the dissertation council D 08.084.01 at the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

Research interests:

deterministic chaotic systems, stochastic self-similar and multifractal processes, simulation and prediction of time series, fractal and multifractal analysis

International activity / participation in international projects

2014 – Participation in the Linneus International University Academic Program (University of Vaxo, Sweden) for the exchange of teachers


Publications and patents

Has over 150 publications.