Scientific School of Medical Instrument Making and Medical Microprocessor Systems

The BMI department scientific school of medical instrument making and medical microprocessor systems was founded in 1990s.

In 1997, Prof. V. Semenets founded in department of biomedical electronic devices and systems research group for development of biomedical equipment and multifunctional microprocessor systems, which for next 20 years has grown into a scientific school of microprocessor medical systems. It successfully functions today with the scientists of Kharkov National Medical University, Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, Institute of Medical Radiology. S.P. Grigoriev, Institute of Prosthetics, Institute of Multiphase Processes, Hannover University V. Leibniz (Germany), Harbin University of Engineering (PRC), Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital and other institutions. Under the guidance of Prof. V. Semenets in 2004-2005, multifunctional laboratory stands were created, including microcontrollers, signal processors, programmable integrated circuits, on the basis of which various autonomous control systems are developed, in particular, for use in medical equipment. The complex is used not only in KNURE, but also in many universities of Ukraine.

Also in 2007-2012, under the leadership of V. Semenets created a hardware-software complex of high-precision neurosurgical interventions and functional diagnostics of external respiration, which is used in the neurosurgical and otorhinolaryngological departments of the Kharkov Regional Clinical Hospital. For the first time in Ukraine, a unique installation for distance education on technical disciplines was developed and created.

Scientific and technical achievements of school include more than 500 publications, more than 40 patents for inventions, 5 monographs. 3 doctoral and 12 master’s theses on specialty 05.11.17 – biological and medical devices and systems are protected. 8 state budget themes were completed and one contractual subject.

Cooperation is carried out on the projects BMBF, DAAD, Erasmus + and TempusEanet.

Doctors of sciences: Avrunin O.G, Prasol I.V., Sinotin A.M.

Candidates of sciences: Vladov S.I., Ivanov V.G., Knigako Yu.V., Kruk O.Ya., Kukharenko D.V., Nosova T.V., Timkovich M.Yu., Selivanova K., Utitskikh T.A., Khusham Faruk, Shamraeva E.A., Stytsenko T.Ye.

Avrunin O.G. and Nosova Ya.V. received the title “Inventor of the Year – 2016”.

Now scientific adviser is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. O.G. Avrunin. He has supervised 8 PhD theses.

The main directions of development of the scientific school are currently:

  • Methods of medical imaging, processing and analysis of diagnostic images;
  • Computer planning systems for surgical interventions;
  • Equipment for functional diagnosis of nasal breathing disorders;
  • Means for diagnosing person’s psychophysical state;
  • Virtual simulators of medical equipment;
  • Methods for processing microscopic images.

Scientific work «Intellectual technologies of functional diagnostics and modeling of surgical interventions» by author’s team of leading specialists in biomedical engineering, medicine and information technologies: Avrunin O.G., Besshapochny S.B., Bodiansky E.V., Zlepko S.M., Kalashnik M.V., Lysenko A.N., Pavlov S.V., Filatov V.A. was nominated for the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology in 2018.