National Association “Antenna” (NAA)

The National Association “Antennas” (NAA) was established in early 1993 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization in Ukraine.

The Association initially included more than 60 organizations (universities, research institutes, enterprises) from 16 regions of Ukraine. Her creation was preceded by city-based, and later, republican one-day, three-day workshops, begun in 1991, on topical issues in the theory and technology of antennas. These workshops, and later the NAA, aimed at coordinating Ukrainian science in the field of the theory and technology of antennas, establishing direct links between the antennas of Ukraine, sharing experiences and information about their works, supporting these works and organizing mutual assistance of specialists to each other.

Important goals were also the restoration of scientific ties that had been torn due to the collapse of the USSR and the integration of Ukrainian science in the field of applied electrodynamics into the world.

Important results of NAA work were the creation of the Eastern Ukrainian Branch of the Institute of Electronics Engineers and Electrical Engineering (Eastern European Chapter IEEE), as well as international conferences on the theory and technique of antennas held in Ukraine since 1995 (International Conference of Antenna Theory and Techniques – ICATT). The first ICATT was held in Kharkov in 1995, followed by – every two years in different cities of Ukraine – Sevastopol, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa. In April 2015, the jubilee, the tenth, ICATT’2015 in the KNURE was held, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the organizer of these conferences Yakov Solomonovich Shifrin.

The next, eleventh, ICATT is held from May 24 to 27, 2017 in Kyiv on the basis of NTUU “KPI”.

These conferences are the only specialized antenna conferences within the CIS, which became successors to the “Pistolkovskian” antenna conferences held earlier in the USSR. The prominent scholars from the far abroad – Germany, Great Britain, Japan, France, the Netherlands, Italy, the USA, Poland, Ireland, Mexico and other countries – actively participate in all these conferences.

In 2002, in addition to traditional ICATT antenna conferences, the 1st International Workshop on ultra-wideband and ultrashort pulsed signals (UWBUSIS) was held on the initiative of NAAA, which was developed at UWBUSIS international conferences, also held every two years. To date, eight such conferences have already been held.

Special attention in the preparation of ICATT and UWBUSIS is given to the selection of custom review reports and the involvement of young scientists. The best reports of young scientists are awarded from the Foundation of the European Microwave Association. Conference proceedings are published in English, are recorded in the IEEE Exploreâ database and widely diverged around the world. Reports about them are published in the magazine Antennas & Propagation Magazine IEEE.

Today, the main efforts of the NAA are aimed at coordinating the work on the preparation of the ICATT and UWBUSIS scientific conferences held in Ukraine, and the activation of the participation of Ukrainian scientists in scientific conferences held abroad. A multifaceted work is being carried out to support the works in the field of the theory and technology of antennas in Ukraine, to provide consultations to scientists and engineers of Ukraine, working in the field of applied electrodynamics, comprehensive assistance to candidates of Ph.D. and doctoral degrees.


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