We invite everyone to take part in the exhibition


All interested, creative, active and caring women are invited to take part in the exhibition “Feminism is…”, which will take place on August 13-16, 2020 as part of the project “Feminist Translocality”.
A project is aimed at developing dialogue and cooperation between gender organizations, feminist and LGBTQI initiatives in Germany and the post-Soviet countries.
The authors of the exhibition will look for answers to the following questions:
What are their feminist values?
Who are feminists and pro-feminists?
What would society be like if there was no feminism?
What is the history of feminism in the world, in Europe, in the post-Soviet space and in Ukraine?
Application for participation in the development of the exhibition. The number of works is not limited.  Deadline for finished works – July 20, 2020.  The works will be transferred to the Museum of Women’s and Gender History.  The online version of the exhibition will be hosted in the virtual version of the museum.  The project is implemented by the NGO Dekabristen with the financial support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Partner in Kharkiv – Center for Gender Culture.