Zoia Dudar

Zoia Dudar
Head of the Department of Software Engineering, Member of Academic Council, Member of EMC, Member of STC, Candidate of Science (Technology), Professor

Education and Career

In 1978 she graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics in speciality “Electronic Computers”.
In 1981 she started working as an Instructor at the Department, in 1986 she worked as an Assistant Professor.

In 1984 she defended a PhD thesis.

In 1988 she became an Associate Professor, and since 1998 she has been a Professor at the Department of Electronic Computers Software (now the Department of Software Engineering).

Since 1996 – Head of the Department of Software Engineering

Educational activity

She has made a significant contribution to the development of “Software Engineering” major. She has been a scientific advisor on many postgraduate’s, master’s and specialist’s projects. She has been delivering the following courses: intellectual property, systems modeling, introduction to software engineering.

Research activities

She has trained 5 Candidates of Science in the speciality 05.13.06 – “Automatic Control Systems and Advanced Information Technologies,” 01.05.02 – “Mathematical Modeling and Computational Approaches”. She is a member of the editorial board of a collection of scientific papers “Problems of Bionics”, and since 1997 she has been the head of the workshop of “Radio Electronics and Youth in the XXI century” Scientific Conference.

Social activities

Participated in the development of higher education standard on specialty 121 “Software Engineering” for undergraduate (bachelor) level of higher education.

International activities / participation in international projects

2012-2016 – Participant of Tempus Project 530576-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SE-TEMPUS-SMHES “National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NEFESIE)”. http://tempus.nung.edu.ua/participant-profiles

2013-2017 – Participant of  Tempus Project 543839-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-SE-TEMPUS-SMHES “Network for the Development of Lifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine (LeAGUe)



State Awards

She was awarded honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science (1982, 2009), “Outstanding Person in Education in Ukraine” (2000), the first prize in the contests “KhNURE – the best in the speciality” in the nomination “Head of the Department” (2000, 2012, 2016) and “Best Teacher” (2003-2004).

Publications and patents

Prof. Zoia V. Dudar is the author of 145 publications, namely 114 research and 31 teaching and methodical publications.
Among the most significant publications are a teaching aid “The Theory of Computing Processes and Structures” in collaboration with Prof. Mykhaylo F. Bondarenko, O.B. Kaykova, Prof. Natalya S. Lesna and V.J. Terziyan, a textbook “Fundamentals of Combinatorial Analysis”, in collaboration with Prof. Natalya V. Bilous, Prof. Natalya S. Lesna and Prof. Igor U. Shubin, a textbook “System Modeling”, a textbook “Paperwork with the Use of Computer Technology,” co-authored with Leonid D. Samofalov, Associate Professor and Ilona A. Revenchuk, Associate Professor.