Yuri Machekhin

Yuri Machekhin
Head of Department of Photonic and laser engineering, Member of Academic Council, Member of STC, Member of Specialized Scientific Council, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Education and Career

1971 he graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics specialty “electronics and radiophysics”.

  1. Ph.D. Thesis defended at the Kharkov National Universyti.

1984 – He received the title of senior scientific officer.

2004 – got the title of associate professor in the Department of metrology.

2006 – Doctor of technical Scence.

2006 – Head of Depatment Physical bases of electronically tekhnich.

2012 – Professor of Department.

2015 – Head of Department “Photonic and laser engeering”.

Educational activity

Teaches courses: Produced and teaches courses: “lasers” production technology “Laser precision devices, Nanophotonics, laser technology in nanophotonics bases of scientific researches, organization science and copyright modern optical instrumentation Technology application of Laser Physics and Photonics devices.

Research activities

Academician of the International Academy of Applied Electronics (2007).  GDR Member of the editorial board of scientific and technical journals: 1.Advanced radio electronics, 2. Lighting and power engineering Since 2003 a member of the specialized academic council D.64.052.04. Since 2007 a member of the specialized academic council D.64.827.01 at the National Scientific Center “Metrology” 2007 – 2016 Head of scientific a / d topics numbered 248, 267, 301 and economic works on state contracts.

International activity / participation in international projects

1994  y. –  participation in international comparison  of   He-Ne/J2 lasers with frequency stabilization.

1998 г. EU program  COPERNICUS, project № IC15-CT96-0728 “Laser Interferometer for  High Quality Manufacturing Industry”.

STCU 2007, #3377.

Projec “A new laser system for absolute distance measurement.

INTAS program, Ref. # 06-1000024-9075.

Project Title : “Development of new atomic clocks using coherent population trapping resonances excited by an optical frequency comb”.

INTAS program project № 00-0061 “High – precision low cost colorimeter based on liquid crystalline optics”.


For a significant contribution to the development of metrology in 1999, he was awarded the honorary badge “For Services in Metrology of Standardization, Certification and Accreditation”. In 2010, he was awarded the Chartered Parliament of Ukraine State Prize in the branches of science and technology for 1998.

Publications and patents

Has over 250 publications, including 16 pftents 2 monographs, an inventor’s certificate.