Tetyana Frolova

Tetyana Frolova
Leading researcher of the Department of Photonics and Laser Engineering, Executive Secretary of «Applied Radio Electronics», IEEE  Senior Member, Member of STC, Secretary of the Section 1 of STC, PhD in Physico-mathematical sciences, Associate Professor

Education and Career

In 1997 – graduated from Kharkiv State Technical University of Radio Electronics (KhTURE) specialty “Electronic Devices and Appliances.”

1998-2001 – studied at the postgraduate course of KNURE, Department of Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Appliances (MEDA) (from 1999 – Department of Physical Fundamentals of Electronic Engineering (PFEE));

From 2001 – junior research assistant of the Department of PFEE;

From 2003 – assistant of the Department of PFEE;

2005 – Ph.D., defended in KNURE on the specialty 01.04.01 – physics of devices, elements and systems;

From 2008 – Associate Professor of the Department of PFEE;

2013-2016 – Doctoral Program of KNURE;

From 2017 – Leading Researcher, Department of Photonics and Laser Engineering (PLI).

Educational activity

Lecturer on subjects: Modeling and calculation of laserand optoelectronics devices, Computer design of lasers andoptoelectronic devices, Designing of laser devices,Informatics.

Research activities

Since 1998, within the framework of state budget research, she participated in research projects: “Prospects for the use of electromagnetic radiation of the millimeter range in accelerator technology”, “Development of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and technical means of using of the electromagnetic energy in the industrial and agro-industrial complex”, “Investigation of the physical processes of the generation, amplification and transformation of the electromagnetic radiation in quantum (lasers), optoelectronic and electronic devices, as well as the concept formulation of their application in radio electronic systems and communication and information technologies”, “Development of innovative energy-saving lighting technologies”, “The concept of development of resonant pulse compression and tools for obtaining powerful ultrashort microwave pulses in X, KU and millimeter ranges”.

 Scientific interests:

to develop 2D and 3D mathematical and computer models for the study of physical processes in vacuum devices and plasma, the design of new high-performance devices based on microwave devices, such as microwave discharge lamps.

Social activities

IEEE Member number: 93738903

International activity

In 2012 received grants for traineeship in the Light Technology Institute (LTI), Karlsruhe (Germany).

Publications and patents

In 2012 received grants for traineeship in the Light Technology Institute (LTI), Karlsruhe (Germany).

I have useful model patents 5 and patent for an invention.