Nataliya Ryabova

Nataliya Ryabova
Professor of AI Department, Ph.D. in Technical Science, Docent
Google Scholar ID: AfdGa_MAAAAJ
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Education and Career

In 1974 she graduated from  Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics speciality “Applied Mathematics”.

1989 –  Ph.D. (Candidate of Technical Science). Thesis defended at Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics. Speciality  05.25.05 – Automated Information Systems. The subject of thesis – Mathematical Models of Semantics of Nominative Derivation and their Application in Automated Information Systems.

1993 – got an academic title of Senior Reseacher specializing in “Information Systems and Processes”.

1997 – got an academic title of Associate Professor of Computer Software Department KhTURE (now NURE).

1999 – Docent of Artificial Intelligence Department.

2012 –  Acting Head of Artificial Intelligence Department.

2014 – Professor of Artificial Intelligence Department.

Educational activity

Teaches  courses: “Knowledge Management”, “Ontological Engineering”, “Systems of Intelligent Text Processing”, “Formal Systems and Mathematical Foundations of Knowledge Representation”, “Knowledge Engineering”, “Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence”.

Research activities

Research interests: methods, models and algorithms of ontology-based intelligent text processing, knowledge management in distributed artificial intelligence systems, text mining, semantic technologies. During the last twenty years she has been a scientific supervisor of more than ten research projects.

She has coordinated the project IT/534 – 2009 “Development and implementation of the distributed architecture of the MESU ontology portal for reliable, secure and efficient management and integration of Ukrainian education resources” (within the framework of the State Program “Information and communication technologies in education and science” for 2006-2010, project ICT 2009-2010).

Tutorship: Scientific supervisor for post-graduate students on speciality 05.13.23 – ‘Artificial intelligence systems and facilities’. Cand. Sc.: V.V. Volkova, O.V. Shubkina, O.V. Zolotukhin.

International activity / participation in international projects

She has participated in the international project «Towards Trust in Quality Assurance Systems» (TRUST), 516935-TEMPUS- 1-2011- 1-FITEMPUS- SMGR (2011/2014) within the national priority “Ensuring the Quality of Education”; has taken part in the trainings in the framework of the international scientific practical seminar, devoted to studying the experience of Slovakia Universities in creating quality assurance systems (March, 2012, Košice, Slovakia). She has also participated in the international project «Towards Transparent Ontology-Based Accreditation», TEMPUS SM_T020B06-2006 (UA) (2007/2008) within the national priority “New Information Technology to Ensure Transparency of Accreditation of Universities”; as well as in the international scientific practical seminar on dissemination of project results (May 16-20, 2008, Kyiv, MESU).

Social activities

Chair of “Social Communication on the Basis of Intelligent Information Technologies” Section in subject sector “Information Support of Sustained Social Economical Development of Society”, VI international scientific conference “Science and Social Society Problems: Informatization and Information Technologies”.
Co-chair of “Modern Problems of Computational and Artificial Intelligence” section at the conference “Intellectual Information Systems” in the framework of the annual International Youth Forum “Radio Electronics and Youth in XXI Century”.
Member of a working group of the scientific committee on “Computer Science” at the MESYS, member of a development committee for educational standards of Bachelors 06.010104 – “Computer Science” (2010), and Masters of Science 08.010104 “Artificial Intelligence Systems” (2011-2012). Coordinator from KhNURE side of the International Project with ITIN University (Technical University on IT, Networks and Information Systems, Cergy-Paris, France), aimed at implementation of modern technologies of computer education and commercialization of intelligent systems.

State Awards

Certificate from the Main Administration of Education and Science of Kharkiv Region Public Administration for long standing productive scientific and educational work and to Day of Science, 2012;
Certificate from the Head of Kharkiv Region Public Administration for weighty contribution into science and education development, training high-skilled professionals, and to 80th anniversary of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, 2011;
Certificates of honor, commendations, valuable rewards of KhNURE for high results achieved in science and education (1996-2012), including best student diploma supervisor (2007), for best results in arrangement of section panels at the International Forum “Radio Electronics and Youth in 21st century” (2009-2012);
For best results in arrangement of Inter-regional career fair “Young Expert in 21st century” (2008-2011).

Publications and patents

Has over 120 publications, including  tutorial  and monograph.