Iryna Vladimirovna Gruzdo

Iryna Vladimirovna Gruzdo
Associate Professor of the Department of Software Engineering, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Education and Career


2009 г. – Graduated from the National Aerospace University ‘Kharkiv Aviation Institute’. Specialty: “The software of the automated systems”, Computer sciences / Software Engineering, the scientific employee (programming). Master’s Diploma with honors.

2011 г. ‑ Graduated from the  National Aerospace University ‘Kharkiv Aviation Institute’. Specialty:“Project Management, Specialist in Project Management and Programs”. Diploma of Specialist with honors.

2011 – finished optional course FLASH / Action Script.

2013 г. – Graduated from the National Aerospace University ‘Kharkiv Aviation Institute’. Postgraduate studies on a specialist Information Technologies. The master’s thesis “Information technology of analysis and assessment of written works in the educational aspect of the textual borrowing”.  (scientific director Doctor of Sciences, Full Professor, Professor at the Department of Software Engineering – Shostak I.V.).

2014 г. ‑ complete the course «Soft-skills for IT people». Source IT. Kharkov.

2015 – Тraining  « Developing application with Microsoft Azure using Imagine Access ». Microsoft Ukraine, Kharkov.

Since 2016 – Associate Professor at the Department of Software Engineering.

2016 – complete the course  «Hebrew from zero: studying speaking language hebrew from zero: studying speaking language», leaving level Pre-Intermediate. Beit Dan. Kharkov.

2017 – Complete the course “InterSystems Cache Fundamentals” , Kharkov.

Educational activity

Courses: Script languages for developing web-applications, Empirical methods of software engineering, Security of programs and data.

Supervised graduation theses of masters, specialists and bachelors.

Research activities

Projects: «Methodology of construction of the adapted software development, testing and experimental development of aerospace technology ».State budgetary topic (2010-2011) (DR № 0109U001114), “Models and methods for processing the results and presentation of testing processes for space technology” (2011-2012) (DR № 0111U006871), «The theoretical foundations, methods and information technologies to develop software – technical complexes of critical applications where resource constraints». State budgetary topic(2012-2013) (DR № 0112U001058).

Research interests: aerospace technology, cybernetic linguistics, data security, information technology for working with textual information, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Software Project Management, models and methods of risk management, Soft-skils, Time Management.

Official opponent:

1) диссертационной работы Поповой Марины Андреевны «Онтология взаимодействия в среде геоинформационной системы», 2015 Kiev.

2) диссертационной работы Парфененко Юлии Викторовны «Модели и информационные технологии поддержки принятия решений при управлении теплоснабжением объектов социально-бюджетной сферы», 2016 Kharkov.

Publications and patents

Has 35 publications. Among them there are: 18 – in collections of scientific conferences – theses, 14 articles, 4 tutorial, and 2 inventor’s certificates.