Hennadii Bendeberya

Hennadii Bendeberya
Senior Lecturer of Department Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Appliances

Education and Career

In 1979 was educated at the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics (KhIRE), specialty Electronic devices.

1986 – senior researcher of the KhIRE. Since 2013 – senior lecturer of the Microelectronics electronic devices and appliances department of  the Kharkov National university of Radio Electronics.

Educational activity

Teaches educational subjects:

  • Technological  basics of electronics,
  • Technologies  of electronics,
  • Thin films physics,
  • Thin films electronic devices,
  • Thin films electronics,
  • Microelectronic materials and its research methods,
  • Submicron technology of integrated circuits.

Researcher activity

Within the framework of the state budget themes took part in 10 research project.

International activity / participation in international projects

Took part in  research projects: USTC 1893 (2006-2008), USTC 5067 (2011-2013), CRDF UKE2-2958 (2010-2011).

Publications and patents

Не has over 20 publications, including invention patents, 5 patents.