Anastasiya Chupryna

Anastasiya Chupryna
Associate Professor of the Department of Software Engineering, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Education and Career

2005 – graduated from the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, specializing in software of automated systems.

2007 – the assistant at Software Engineering department,

2010 – senior lecturer at Software Engineering department.

2009 defended the thesis.

2011 – Associate Professor at Department of Software for Electronic Computing Machines (now the Department of Software Engineering).

Educational activity

Teaches courses: Analysis of software requirements, Probability theory and mathematical statistics, empirical methods of software engineering, project management, databases.

Research activities

Scientific interests: data mining, mathematical and computer software, project management.

International activities / participation in international projects

University Coordinator of double degree programs and academic mobility

University Coordinator of Erasmus+ KA107 programs
University Coordinator of cooperation between NURE and WSG University, Poland

Participant of Tempus and Erasmus+ projects

Publications and patents

More than 50