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“Language clubs of KNURE” offer you to learn languages, improve your language skills, communicate and develop! We invite everyone!
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A series of courses on the Ukrainian language is designed for different levels of training of students and for different needs. Rhetoric trainings will teach you to speak in front of any audience, and trainings for those involved in research will prepare you for the defense of scientific work. The best teachers, the newest learning technologies, small in terms of the number of participants in the group, where the teacher pays maximum attention to you, the possibility of distance learning – all this and much more is offered to you by the KNURE Language Clubs.

Why choose us? Everything is very simple!
– There is no age limit;
– The schedule of classes is agreed individually;
– Small groups (7–10 people, which is an ideal condition for learning a language);
– Convenient location of courses – city center, metro Nauchnaya, pr. Science, 14 .;
– Classes are held in the evening (Monday – Friday) and during the day (Saturday – Sunday);
– Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers, philologists, specialists in the Ukrainian language and literature, candidates of science.

Courses in the Ukrainian language:
“Ukrainian from the first steps” – the course is aimed at those who have never studied Ukrainian (2 months of classes, twice a week);
“Ukrainian Colloquial” – a course for students who want to improve their spoken language (2 months of classes, twice a week);
“Modern Ukrainian literary language” – in-depth study of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, phraseology, syntax of the Ukrainian language (4 months of classes, 4 times a week);
“Modern Ukrainian language for state officials” – the course contains the main grammatical and syntactic aspects, elements of records management and is aimed at government officials (4 months of classes, 2 times a week);
Express course “Pass VNO!” – we will quickly prepare for passing the VNO in the Ukrainian language and literature (2 months of classes, 2 times a week);
“Ukrainian language for foreign students” – the course is aimed at foreign citizens who want to learn the Ukrainian language;
“Ukrainian for business” – a course for those who wish to translate their business into the state language. We will help you arrange the technical documentation, we will teach the staff to communicate in Ukrainian (Individual schedule).

“Language clubs of KNURE” invite you to trainings
Rhetoric trainings:
– “Speak confidently!” – the basics of public speaking, preparation and process of public speaking.
– “Make a presentation of your project!” – how to present your idea so that it becomes a winning one.
– “Argument it!” – rules of language argumentation; the ability to argue their thoughts, ideas, position.
– “Master of Communication” – the subtleties of communication. Verbal and non-verbal, tricks and techniques of influence on interlocutors.
– “Conflict outside the door” – the ability to examine a conflict, find out its role in it, get out of a conflict situation; conflict management.

• Trainings for researchers
– “Design of a scientific research” – features of the technical design of dissertations, additions, references, abstracts.
– “Scientific report” – presentation of scientific developments, protection of scientific works, presentations at scientific conferences.
– “Scientific debates” – the ability to confront a variety of issues, a way out of difficult situations.

Address: Kharkov, KNURE, Nauky Ave., 14, building I, aud. 600A
Registration for courses and trainings by phone: 70-21-498
Additional information can be obtained by calling: 066-44-590-73 – Alla Vladimirovna Sergeyeva.